The Angry Series addresses different expressions and types of personal anger. My interests focus on how internal anger translates into visual arrangements. I enjoy playing with the paradox that arises from the juxtaposition of destructive drawing against traditional styles. This contradictive process reveals the reality that destruction performs a role in creativity. My aim is to produce a documentary method of encapsulating a fleeting, intense, and powerful moment which formulates the tension in an event.

The seven drawings pinned to the wall record a weekly diary of anger. Each drawing presents different forms of violence enacted on uniform surfaces of plywood. The first records an explosive kicking action, which splits the picture plane. The fourth is the act of using a machine tool in anger so that the surface scars and is destroyed as craftwork. The fifth is a composition of patching which covers violent scratchings on the board. The sixth marks the stamping of a foot via charcoal print. The last is the burning of the centre of a picture plane. Each drawing proffers different moments and actions which anger creates through energetic force to externalise itself.

Monday to Friday
Diary of Anger: Monday to Friday

Detail, Wednesday  

Friday: Scratching