Antechamber Collyer Bristow, 2013

"How physical space asserts itself, quietly yet forcefully, on our everyday lives becomes apparent through the exhibition. A collaborative work by David Ben White and Poppy Whatmore, commissioned by Collyer Bristow and Day+Gluckman, imposes the domestic onto the office environment. Blank high street units are stripped of their sleek lines through the imposition of discarded doors, whilst on the platform space a floor is upturned into a tidal wave of disorder."

curatorial partnership

The gallery space at Collyer Bristow is designed to be both corporate and yet familiar enough to be welcoming -demestic even. The exhibition aims to tease out the nuances of these opposing worlds, through works that take us from personal histories and current concerns through to critiques of social engineering. Antechamber is the portal to another place and gives us the breathing space to unpick our relationship between our working and domestic environments and the unspoken, strange hinterland that exists between the two.